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Welcome to Pitter Patti’s
Pet Sitting Service!

Our primary goal is to provide personalized, professional and compassionate in-your-home pet care service that completely exceeds your expectations.

Our philosophy is simple; pets have feelings, too!
When you’re home, your pets happily follow their familiar routine in their own surroundings. However, when you’re away, that routine is suddenly changed
and many pets can become upset.

Boarding them outside the home can make their distress even worse. Pitter Patti’s Pet Sitting Service keeps your pets content by visiting them in their own home and providing all the care and attention they deserve in your absence. We know your pets are part of the family and we will treat them that way!

How Our Service Works

When you contact us, we will make an appointment to come to your home for a “Meet & Greet”. During this initial visit, we will get acquainted with you and your pet, taking detailed notes to ensure that our care is tailored to their specific needs.

We will inquire about daily routines, diet, exercise, special needs and of course, what makes them most happy and comfortable. We will ask for keys to your home for our ‘Key Ready’ program. This assures seamless service for future visits. Your keys will be kept in a locked box, coded for your protection. There is a nominal fee for returning or picking up keys at later dates.

We will discuss what services you require, at what specific times, and answer any questions you may have. We will require that you show us first-hand how to tend to your caged, barnyard and exotic pets as their care is unique.

While You Are Away

We will be sure your pet gets all the specialized care they need. We will feed them, provide fresh water, walk and play with them, talk to them, groom, if requested and above all, give lots of love.

We monitor intake and output of food and water to make sure they are eating and drinking as they should be. We can administer medications, if required, and keep a watchful eye for ill health or any other problems. We are fully trained and prepared to deal with any emergencies should they occur. In addition, we can bring in your mail and newspapers, water your plants, and alternate lights and draperies to give your home a lived-in look.

Each day we will visually inspect your property to make certain your home is safe and sound for your pet and your peace of mind. We will clean the food and water receptacles, cages and litter boxes. We will clean up soiled areas if your pet has an accident and pick up daily waste from your yard.

Your property will be respected and you will be kept informed of everything that happens in your absence. We will keep a daily log, available upon your return, as well as an e-mail or text after each visit. If you are unexpectedly delayed or out of communication, don’t worry, we will continue to care for your pet as usual until we are certain you have arrived home safely.


Why Hire a Pet Sitter

Are increasingly long hours at work keeping you from spending quality time with your pet? We can come by and take them for a stimulating walk through the neighborhood midday. Are you having medical issues that require rest? We can take your pet outside for
a daily romp in the yard until you’re feeling better. Are you dreaming about a vacation but feeling anxious about boarding your pet?
There are many reasons to avoid taking your pet to a kennel:

•exposure to illness (especially kennel cough) minimized

•travel trauma eliminated

•pets are happier and less stressed at home

•pet stays clean/ kennels can be smelly

•kennel required vaccinations are costly

•you won’t need to interrupt your busy schedule for drop off/ pick up


We love your pets as much as you do




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